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To quote a certain a witch, "I hate sunshine." Although I suppose it's mostly the heat that comes with it that I truly detest -_-...

Here in Washington, we are just starting our hot season, and we are going to be on fire over the next few days. Looking at high nineties, and I really want to hang myself. In Colorado, it usually cooled down by the evening. In Washington, it gets hotter. Totally fucked up.

Aside from being notably annoyed about the weather, I'm feeling a little disheartened about an educational process I was considering very strongly for this month. While I may disagree that being a pharm tech is a "career," I know that most people would see it as such, and my contemplation for changing careers was made all the more difficult as a result of something I learned today. While browsing through the information concerning the other career I was considering, I noticed that the prerequisite is an associates degree, or 60 equivalent hours before I can even start that segment of the module. Wonderful.

Since I'm not very passionate about this, I well and truly do not want to do this damn job and spend YEARS working up to it only to screw myself out of writing yet again. I really, truly, want to be a writer--that's where my passion is. Doing pharmacy was a way to get a job that I could live off of if writing fell through, and that was the original reason I chose to go down that path. I even worked (and lucked) my ass off to get the schedule I "needed' in order to have the most time available to pursue this passion. I'm stuck weighing the pros and cons once again of ditching writing a second time in honor or pursuing a career that I can see the light at the end of, or pushing as hard as I can to succeed in a field that I may flop horribly in...


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