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While on my morning walk, I encountered something most unusual. A person! That I know! From work! A sweet nurse from the Birth Center that I did a triple-take on before I said, "hey, don't I know you?" The darling used to live in the neighborhood right next to mine, only recently moving because she and her husband wanted to live closer to his mom so they could help her more easily in the wake of his dad's passing. Very sweet of them. I like her. She's such a wonderful person! And I hope I never run into her again, as she kind of cost me several minutes on my walk, lol.

This past rotation went well, even with the inclusion of sensing that I may have pissed someone off. One of the fellows that, um...flirts with me, freaks me out, won't leave me alone talks to me while I'm working (I call him Googly-eyes -_-;;) seems to be somewhat through with me. I had been trying--very gently--since November to shake him, becoming increasingly cold and uninterested in what he had to say, but he just didn't seem to be getting the message. Until recently. If his behavior was any indication a couple nights ago, I think he's angry with me. That is the best thing for both of us, really.

I have no idea why this is the case, but nurses and their assistants seem to have a hard time understanding that while we're busy filling their machines with medications, we really shouldn't be disturbed, as it increases errors. Just like when/why we don't disturb them. It's a little thing called WORK. Googly-eyes just would not shut up. If he saw me in the med room, he'd just keep on talking. Now, it's not impossible for me to pay attention to the conversation, but when it's about nothing

On that same unit is a very attractive nurse that I absolutely love talking to. Not just because he's hot--I have no desire to go out with him--but because he's a great conversationalist. Since I feel that my own conversational abilities lack considerably, I really appreciate those who can carry the conversation to great lengths. I do have things to say, but as I have a tendency to be overly-focused on what I'm doing, it's hard for me to talk sensibly and fill the machine correctly. The other fellow on that same unit is the sweetest nerd on earth, and I also enjoy talking to him (he takes more energy than the former, but he's kind, so I say what I can, and he doesn't talk long anyway). As for Googly-eyes? NOTHING TO SAY. He just drones on and on, asking me around a thousand questions each time. Seriously, if you can't just talk and do a good job carrying the conversation while I'm obviously working, please be silent. I don't have time for interactions.

I think it was Sunday night? Might have been Saturday. I had come up for an early morning delivery and saw him sitting in a patient's room. He was on the phone, so to be polite, I waived and continued down the hall to the med room. When I came back out, he had pulled the door to so I couldn't see him! I couldn't even hide my smile. Sorry, not sorry! I don't really feel bad, but I do wish he'd gotten the message sooner. It might have been less of a blow to his feelings had he made peace with me having no interest in him sooner.

I suppose that going forward, I need to practice being firmer with rejecting suitors. It's just that sometimes, I think they just want to have a good conversation, and then I get blindsided by their sudden desire to hump my leg. Can't we just be friends? Is that so bad?


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